Evie Rae…I cant thank this coach enough!! I have had fitness coaches in the past. Most tried to fit me into some cookie cutter program they had (or found on the internet). Some tried to diversify the program. Some even tried to provide a meal plan. NONE, however, have come close to the guidance and coaching of Evie. She diversifies the workouts and changes them regularly. She has meal plans, and monitors your performance based on them, and customizes tweaks to them to optimize that performance. She cares enough to make sure you’re getting the most out of your exercises with advice and suggestions about how to do the exercises (form, and modifications to the movement). I can’t say this enough. Thank you Evie!!


As a business owner I am constantly concerned with other professionals I surround myself with, their productivity and those of which I can trust. I sought out Evie for guidance of not only my own, but my clients. I had followed her on social media, met her at several events and talked with her via email. After multiple encounters I knew without doubt that she is one of the most educated, professional and hardest working people in the personal training, contest prep, bodybuilding atmosphere. She takes care of her clients on a spectrum that is not measured. Weekly check ups, scheduling, training, nutrition, and attitude are some of the things she works with on a daily basis. She holds prep classes, workshops and seminars to always provide THE MOST to her athletes. The NPC community is small. On a daily basis I have clients and acquaintances telling horror stories about coaches they have had that over charge, lie, steal, can not do their job, will not adapt, void communication. I have never heard this issue with Evie Rae or team Jakt. Its really simple, if you want to work for someone who will work harder for you. You will choose Team Jakt and you will never look back.

Chris Dickson, Elevated Nutritional Performance

I’ve consistently worked out for nearly 10 years. Maintaining 5-6 workouts per week, running half marathons, and eating in, what I considered to be, a healthy manner. I felt very confident in my training and didn’t think anybody would be able to teach me anything new… Until I met Evie Rae. She created a customized diet and workout plan, and also provided consistent motivation and accountability for me. These pictures were taken exactly 6 weeks apart. As you can see, Evie’s training created more progress in my physique in 6 short weeks than I’d experienced in my combined 10 years of training. Thanks to Evie, I was able to walk on stage in my 1st show, which just happened to be the largest show in Colorado’s history, and take home a trophy! Thanks Evie!!

Amanda Enloe, Bikini Competitor and Runner

I’m not an elite athlete, competitive body builder and weight lifting to me is carrying in the groceries from the car. I do follow the JAKT MUSCLE people and Evie is my coach! We’ve been working together for about six years. Once or twice a week I depend on Evie to plan and direct workouts, correcting body mechanics and encouraging me to do new exercise, try new equipment and improve my performance. I wouldn’t trust my personal training to anyone else. My strength and flexibility are much better than any of my contemporaries. My eating habits aren’t great but that’s not for lack of trying on Evie’s part. Going to the gym is exciting and I’m disappointed when we can’t get in a session. Thanks for all you’ve done for me, Evie Rae. Wouldn’t be where I am without you and I do appreciate it!

Cay Jurgenson, Personal Training Client

Being on team JAKT has allowed me to take that extra step and really achieve my fitness goals. The one word to describe my team..FAMILY. The support of my teammates and coach is a feeling like no other. It keeps me going when I otherwise wouldn’t. Coach Evie has made such an impact on me, she believes in me and I know I can always count on her no matter what I need! Overall, this has been the best experience I’ve ever had, life changing.

Melissa Wells, Bikini Competitor

I am so proud to be a member of Jakt muscle. JaktMuscle it not just a team of athletes it is a family of supporters. A team of any kind is a result of a good leader, Evie has proven that over and over again. Evie leads by example, she is always there to encourage you, show you, explain things to you and remind you that you can. On a personal note I went through a nasty health issue it took its toll on my body mind and spirit. Evie and JaktMuscle were there with me and helped me in more ways then even they know. Everyday is a struggle for me, however I know I have back up support and encouragement just a phone call away.

Tina Valenzuela, a.k.a. Tiny Olympic Style Weightlifter

Coach Evie Rae is the most amazing coach I have had in Olympic style weightlifting. She’s passionate about what she does, excited about my results which have been possible by her attention to detail, specific training regimen developed for me and belief in me to achieve the very best I can. As a result of our hard work together, I made a new National record this year in the snatch, which I hadn’t lifted since 2007! As well as other new records at the Pan Ams and American Masters. So if you are looking for a coach that will help you achieve results, Coach Evie Rae is the one!

Marilyn Munkres, Olympic Style Weightlifter

I have been lifting and trying to put on muscle ever since my freshman year when I was thirteen years old. It just never seemed to happen like I wanted. It wasn’t until after high school that I got a coach back home in Oklahoma to try to do a competition. That whole “team” was nothing like this family that I have been blessed to have in my life. The JaktMuscle group isn’t just your average team. It’s full of people who truly care, motivate one another, and whether they realize or not make each other push themselves to new heights and goals.

When I joined JaktMuscle I was going through some or the worst times I’ve had back in May 2014. Having this in my life gave me so much perspective on a lot and changed me for the better. Especially with a coach like Evie who puts her entire heart and soul into everything she does. If you give her 100% of your effort she’ll take your fitness goals further than you ever would’ve dreamed. I never would’ve thought that I would’ve competed at the Warrior Classic in August 2014 and now she’s helping me push myself daily to one day earning a pro card. I don’t plan on leaving this group anytime soon and I couldn’t see myself reaching my goals without them. If you’re looking to change your life through fitness in a major positive way this is the place to be.

Jeremiah Williams, Men’s Physique Athlete

I have been lifting since I was in middle school, taking a few years off after high school but working out pretty consistent for the last 8 years. I started working with Ms. Evie Rae back in October of 2013, after being acquainted with and following her on Facebook for a few years. Seeing the growth of her team, the results of her team members and most importantly to me the size of her character I made the decision to join the team and have her guide me in making some changes in myself.

From that I was able to make more gains both in body mass transformation, size gains as well as strength gains in the faster than I ever have. Shoot in the first 2 1/2 months I added 1 & 1/2 inches to my butt and dropped 3points on bodyfat while still maintaining my same weight! WOOT WOOT!

Aside from the level of standard that she extracts from you without you even knowing it forcing you to rise to a whole other level of expectancy of yourself, the indescribable accountability, and the unity of the family of JaktMuscle that is so closely knit and supportive…… Evie brings such a world of knowledge, experience and most importantly a passion to EVERYTHING that she does. If you are serious, committed, coachable and hold yourself to a high standard of character and are ready to make serious transformation then I hands down, no questions ask recommend JaktMuscle!

Craig Dillion, Bodybuilding Competitor

I have been apart of the JAKT muscle team since 2012. My goal was always to do a NPC show and do well. After many ups and down I finally got on the stage in May of 2014 and placed top 5. There is no way that I would have not been able to do that with out the help and support of coach Evie Rae and the unlimited support of the team. The team is not just a team it truly is a second family. The great thing about this team is the caliber of people that join and stay on the team.

Brandon Margle, Mens Physique Athlete

Evie Rae Tiffany’s perfect blend of compassion and high standards will help you reach your goals! You will be taken care of inside and out with her workout, meal planning and supplementation. That support and her expert coaching and posing classes produces winners!

Beth Macdonald, Figure Competitor and Runner

I am so grateful to have been accepted into this JAKT muscle Family! After transitioning out of the military after 9 years of service, I was extremely worried, scared, nervous if I was ever going to feel apart of anything, structured and bigger than myself ever again.

The gym is my oasis, it’s  ‘My time’ for me, to improve on myself mentally and physically. I had been having a hard time keeping positive about the future, my career and my personal life but that all changed when I found Evie Rae on Instagram and the JAKT muscle family she had created with her team. (Crazy right!!!)

I have been in the gym a long time, worked with multiple trainers and I have never met anyone, until now, who really cares about their clients and also considers their clients family through and through. Evie really listens to your goals.  She reads your weekly reports and changes your plan accordingly to ensure her athletes goals will be met, Not her goals but YOUR goals. No gimmicks, no politics, no greed. Just honesty, love of the sport and family. Even though I am states away, Evie is a true coach and friend. I’m honored to be a JaktDiva and part of the JAKT muscle Family!

Brandi Harstedt, Texas

​I have been a figure competitor for the last 4 years and have had my ups and downs with previous coaches. At the beginning of 2015, a friend recommended that I reach out to Evie Rae. Contacting Evie Rae was the best decision I could have made. I decided to join the Jakt team in March 2015 and have never experienced the support, encouragement, knowledge, expertise, and PROFESSIONALISM that I receive every day. I competed in two competitions this year under Evie’s coaching. I had the best experiences I have ever had at these shows and I am not talking about the trophies that I won. Trophies sit on a shelf and collect dust but the feeling of value and accomplishment that I felt after each show came from the best coach and team I could ever have and you can never take that away. Evie Rae is more than a coach, she has changed my life in so many incredible ways!!!

Dana Lensing, Figure Competitor

I have always been into fitness and ate healthy or thought i did, although i never was able to reach what my ultimate goal was. I felt so lost and my confidence went downhill and i was miserable. I found coach Evie through instagram and i reached out to her and she immediately responded. It was the best decision i have ever made thus far. She helped me gain the confidence i lost and the confidence in myself was restored. She helped me reach goals i never thought i could ever reach. I have learned to love myself again and look at life from a positive perspective through her. I have been blessed to have found her and being a part of team jakt. The team is not your average team, they treat you like family and the support they give is unbelievable.
I started out as just losing body fat and gain muscle at the same time and within a couple months, Coach Evie helped me reach that goal. Then i finally gained enough confidence to finally do what i have always wanted to do, which was to do a bikini competition. I was amazed by the results. I had her support 24/7 from texts,phone calls, and anytime i have ever needed her. She has always been by my side even on days i felt like giving up, she picked me right back up. The love she gives to the team is priceless and UNBELIEVABLE
She is always putting others before herself and at times, her own personal goals and training is sacrificed for her team, you cant get that anywhere else! She has been a TRUE blessing to me and if you are looking for a coach, she is your gal. She will always have your back no matter what. She is GREAT at what she does and the DEDICATION to come up with workout plans and meal plans for everyone and the genuine concern for her team shows that her team is her FAMILY.

Lyn Brown, Figure Competitor

I worked with Evie Rae for one year from Oklahoma and my life has changed forever. Before that time I struggled with diets, fasting and weight loss pills most of my life. She taught me responsibility to self, portion control, the importance of exercise, commitment, and the drive to succeed with a healthy focus. Evie Rae is the best at her job. She always made me feel important, answered questions, and even lent her shoulder a time or two when things came up. JAKT Muscle is a family of good caring people with positive, motivating outlooks in life. We all lift up and support each other. Evie Rae is the backbone of this group and because of her positive outlook and energy it continues to thrive and grow. I still maintain my lean body, clean eating, and exercise training on a weekly basis because I love the feeling of health and vitality.

Debra Wright- Oklamoma – Body Transformation Client

My name is Lauren Barton and I am a veterinary technician and military wife. My husband and I are stationed Stuttgart, Germany where we have lived since 2012. Shortly after arriving in Germany I became very interested with the sport of bodybuilding. About a year after we moved to Europe one of my good friends from Colorado Springs moved to Germany and I noticed that she was in the best shape I had ever seen her in and looked amazing! I asked her what workout plan she was using and she told me about her incredible experience with Evie Rae and JAKT Muscle. I was not seeing the progress that I wanted with my personal trainer at the time and with my goal being to compete in the NPC I knew that I needed to switch things up so that I could add more muscle. After joining JAKT Muscle I immediately started seeing the results that I wanted. I competed in my first NPC show in April 2015, took home a 1st, 2nd and 4th place award.
One of the most difficult aspects of competitive fitness for me is staying motivated for long periods of time. I have used several personal trainers and Evie Rae is by far the most motivational, and she does an excellent of keeping you focused on your program. It can be difficult competing in shows in the United States while living in Europe but Evie is always there for feedback, encouragement, and she consistently pushes me forward. The JAKT Muscle team makes me feel like I am part of a fitness family and it feels great to be a member of the crew. I enjoy seeing teammates make progress and that helps motivate me towards my own goals.

Thank you Evie for all of your hard work and dedication. You make me feel very connected with JAKT Muscle even though I am so far away.

Lauren Barton, Long Distance Figure Athlete