Evie Rae, CEO & Founder

Evie Rae – Owner/CEO JAKTMuscle Training Facility & Head Coach to Team JAKTMuscle

Email: JAKTMuscle@gmail.com

I have loved competing in sports all my life, its where I found my peace and happiness. Fitness in more then one way saved my life during a very difficult few years and I decided there was nothing I wanted to do more then be in a field where I could help others change their lives and achieve success through fitness.

Once I made that decision I was all in. I have worked as a personal trainer and coach for the past 11 years building my business from 1 client to a competition team of athletes all over the world, a USA weightlifting team (which has received titles for several international and world records), and many body transformation clients. My most recent accomplishment/dream come true is the opening of my own gym, JAKTMuscle Training Facility. I planned and saved for 10 years to make this happen and I am beyond grateful to see all the hard work pay off! I teach my clients that NOTHING is impossible with hard work and the right mindset. My goals are always evolving and growing and I am so excited for all that is to come. “Never let your fears hold you back from pursing your hopes.”

Master Trainer
USAW sports performance coach
National Personal Training Institute CPT
CPR/AED certified

Evie Rae’s Personal Mission Statement:

I will live a PURPOSE driven life!
I will live my life with bravery, compassion, integrity and loyalty.
I will have the thick skin of a rhino but the heart of a lamb.
I will always fight for my dreams to become reality.
I will live so that others may see my life and be inspired and encouraged.
I will love without holding back and without regret.
I will always stand up for the broken.
My faith is strong and I will not back down.
I will stand firm for what and who I believe in, no matter the cost.
I would give my life for my family.
I will NEVER give up!

I WILL LIVE BRAVE through any storm.


“…Aside from the level of standard that she extracts from you without you even knowing it forcing you to rise to a whole other level of expectancy of yourself, the indescribable accountability, and the unity of the family of JaktMuscle that is so closely knit and supportive…… Evie brings such a world of knowledge, experience and most importantly a passion to EVERYTHING that she does. If you are serious, committed, coachable and hold yourself to a high standard of character and are ready to make serious transformation then I hands down, no questions recommend JAKTMuscle!”

Craig Dillion, Bodybuilding Competitor